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SRS Task Tracker

The easiest way to manage your work and track your time

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Easy to Use Time Management Software

See SRSTaskTracker in action - click the links to see how easy it is to track your time.

  • Getting Start - adding a customer and project
  • Adding Activities - adding activity types for an alternate method of viewing time spent
  • Basic Tasks - adding entries to track time spent on general, non-project activities
  • Adjusting Time Entries - adjusting time entries for times when you forget to track your time
  • Reports - producing reports from your time tracking records b customer, project or by time.

These are the basics steps required to manage your time with SRS Task Tracker

  1. Make a list of your projects or tasks. Create as many sub tasks as you need.
  2. Select one of your tasks and click ‘Start’.
  3. When you change to a different task select the new task and click ‘Start’ again. 
  4. When stop working on the task click ‘Stop’.
  5. That’s it!

Now you can create reports that show ...

  • How much time you spent on each task.
  • How much time you spent on each project.
  • Which tasks you worked on and when.

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