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SRS Task Tracker is a time tracking and task management program.

You can use SRS Task Tracker to keep track of your tasks and your time.  To use it you create as many projects, tasks and sub-tasks as you need and while your working SRS Task Tracker will track your time.  To keep it out of the way while you are woking it minimizes to a task bar that stays visible an accessible at the bottom of your screen. When you need to see how your time was spent you can create reports to show exactly how you spent your time and what you worked on.

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SRS Recipe Organizer is a program you can use to turn your old recipes into new ones without retyping.

To use SRS Recipe Organizer you take a good digital picture of your old recipe (or scan it if you have a scanner) and you transfer the file to your computer.  Then you open the picture with SRS Recipe Organizer and use your mouse to draw boxes around the name, list of ingredients and instructions. Next you copy the selected part of the image and the software will use OCR to turn the image into text. When your done you can save the new recipe and you can print it out in a nicely readable format or you can email it to a friend.

SRS Recipe Organizer is free.  Click here to get started cleaning up your old recipes

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